ANNIE IS POSTPONED to Tuesday December 10th at 6:00. Students should arrive by 5:45. Show will begin at 6:00 sharp!

Dear Families,

We are so excited to present our 30 minute, whole-school review of ANNIE for you today! We will have a 2:15 pm and 6:30 pm show. Students have been working so hard with their teacher, Miss Samm, for this show. Miss Samm has borrowed a fancy backdrop and some costume pieces from Ja'Duke. THANK you, Miss Samm for your hard work and talents and to Ja'Duke for the support!

The snowy weather has certainly arrived! As a reminder, we require students to have snow pants, waterproof boots, a coat and gloves to play in the snow at recess. The students LOVE to climb our snow piles and make snow forts in the fields. If your student prefers not to wear snow gear, they are allowed to play on the blacktop with a coat and hat. If you are in need of assistance in obtaining snow gear, please contact Nurse Katie at

I had the opportunity to test out the town's new CodeRed notification system for our snow days. If you did not get notified through CodeRed or if you want to edit how you are notified, please contact Jessica with those updates.

I can't wait to see everyone tonight at the Annie performance! Warm up your singing voice to join in on the whole community song-- "Tomorrow"! 

Jackie Mendonsa



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