SES is closed until Monday, May 4th. Please see the letters and resources posted below for more information.

Update: SES is closed until Monday, May 4th. Please see the letters and resources posted above for more information.

Dear SES Families,

We are trying to be very mindful about not overwhelming you with information yet trying to give you the information you need. Thank you for being so positive during this unprecedented time.

As promised, this email is to communicate enrichment ideas and resources you can access for your child during this 3 week closure. We are not doing specific "distance learning". Instead, we are providing you with a multitude of resources to use with your children. Our amazing reading teacher, Jen Culbreth, has created a special SES website JUST for this purpose. you can access this site HERE . Our fantastic teachers have worked together to find resources and links to support you during this time. Jen has created the website and a spreadsheet on the website to help organize everything for you. Also, our performing arts teacher,Ms. Samm has provided a link for students to practice their performing arts acts on the website as well. (

We encourage you to create a daily schedule with your child that includes outside play, arts and crafts, reading, some activities from our shared website and exercise. If you need support creating a schedule that could work for your child, please contact your child's teacher. The teachers are truly more than happy to help you with this. 

Because we do not want to overwhelm you, teachers will only be communicating several times a week to check in. However, they are available everyday to answer questions or even give more direct assignments if you want that support for your child.

If you need assistance with securing food for your family, please access the resources listed HERE. This resource was shared with us by Community Action Pioneer Valley. Nurse Katie found Hampshire County food assistance and documented it HERE.

We are posting all of our communication on our school website ( We are dating and numbering communication so you can access the information you need. 
Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions and concerns. Please utilize our resource website! It is fantastic!
Much Appreciation,



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