Afterschool Program



Hello Shutesbury Moose Community,

I am excited to continue to run our team’s afterschool program (THE MOOSE LODGE CLUB). This time spent with our SES family is a wonderful opportunity to build friendships, reinforce core values, foster a curiosity for learning, create, explore, and, of course, play! 

We have had a lot of students sign up last month and many of these students are continuing with the program. The latest pick-up time is 4:30 PM( 4:00 for 4 year olds). Some weekly days are filled, but there are a few openings left. We do require payment for the month prior to attending for students to continue to be enrolled.

Belonging to THE MOOSE LODGE CLUB: means treating teammates with the kindness and encouragement that create a positive environment where all have the opportunity to succeed. Our team’s goal is to reinforce values of perseverance and resilience, all while having a blast with friends.

*Please Email Mr. Carra if you are interested in signing up for the program at [email protected] or if your child is already in the program, you will be automatically enrolled unless otherwise specified.

Tuition Schedule



3:00 Pick Up

4:30 Pick Up
 PreK ( 4 year olds)  $20   $25 $30
       4:00 Latest pick-up for PreK    4:00 Latest pick-up for PreK
 Grades K-2  $15  $20  $25
 Grades 3-4  $10  $15  $20
 Grades 5-6  $5  $10   $15


Have the best day!

Mr. Steven Carra
Physical Educator