GBK Staff Complaints and Grievances


The School Committee will encourage the administration to develop effective means of resolving differences that may arise among employees and between employees and administrators; to reduce potential areas of grievances; and establish and maintain timely, respectful, effective, and responsive channels of communication between the staff, administration, and School Committee. This position of the School Committee shall apply to all grievances –those identified and defined in duly negotiated contracts and those that are reasonably but not legally defined as grievances.

It is the Committee's desire that the procedures for hearing and addressing grievances occur promptly at the lowest possible administrative level, and that each employee be assured oppor- tunity for timely, orderly and respectful presentation, review and communication regarding complaints and concerns.

Unless otherwise defined by law, the School Committee shall ensure that all procedures established for identifying and addressing grievances and complaints within the district provide that:

All district employees may appeal a ruling of a Principal to the Superintendent. All district employees may appeal a ruling of a central office staff person serving the

district to the Superintendent.

All district employees may appeal a ruling of the Superintendent to the School Committee, except in those areas where the law has specifically assigned authority to the Principal and/or the Superintendent and School Committee action would be in conflict with that law.

All formal hearings of complaints before the Superintendent or the School Committee be conducted in the presence of the administrator who made the ruling that is the subject of the grievance, unless otherwise prohibited by Massachusetts Open Meeting Law or other pertinent law.


MASC, Shutesbury School Committee M.G.L. 150E:5 and 8 All Contract Agreements

First Reading: 11-15-12
Second Reading, first vote: 12-20-12
Final Vote: 01-17-13