JJF Student Activity Accounts




Student funds may be raised to finance the activities of authorized student organizations or activities. Student activity funds are considered a part of the total fiscal operation of the District and are subject to accepted budgetary and accounting practices approved by the School Committee and the Office of the Superintendent.

In compliance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 71, Section 47, the School Committee:

1.            Authorizes the Town Treasurer to establish and maintain a Student Activity Agency Account(s). The interest that is earned on such accounts shall be maintained in the Agency Account and distributed annually among the Student Activity Checking Accounts as directed by the guidelines and procedures established by the Superintendent and approved by the School Committee.

2.            Authorizes the Principal to accept money for recognized student activity organizations. All monies collected in connection with these activities should be deposited into the Student Activity Agency Accounts, for the express purpose of conducting student activities. No funds shall be directly deposited to a Student Activity Checking Account except from the Student Activity Agency Account.

3.            Authorizes Student Activity Checking Accounts for use by the Principal with specific maximum balances established annually by vote of the School Committee. Payments for expenditures shall be made, whenever possible, by check, debit, or EFT directly from the Student Activity Checking Account. Reimbursements to personal credit card holders shall require the prior authorization of the Superintendent or designee. Signatory authorization for Student Activity Checking Accounts shall be restricted to the Principal, Superintendent or Treasurer.

4.            Directs Principals to provide the Treasurer with a bond in an amount agreeable to the Treasurer.

5.            There shall be an annual audit of Student Activity Accounts conducted in accordance M.G.L. c. 71 §47 and an annual audit of Student Activity Checking Accounts in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. At least every three years an audit will be conducted by an outside accounting firm.

Student Activity Deficits

Individual student activity accounts are not permitted to be in a deficit position.  Whenever a deficit exists that is not the result of timing, the Superintendent shall recommend remedial action to the School Committee in a timely manner.

NOTE: DESE audit guidelines for Student Activity Checking Accounts require an annual audit. In municipal districts the audits may be conducted by a district or municipal employee but not by the Principal, Treasurer, Superintendent, or any authorized signatory on the accounts. Districts with large numbers of schools may rotate the schools through the audit process.

Reviewed and edited by Shutesbury Policy Committee:  11-21-19
First Reading by Shutesbury School Committee:  01-16-20
Second Reading by Shutesbury School Committee:  02-13-20
Final Vote by Shutesbury School Committee:  04-16-20