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Shutesbury Elementary School

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Statement Of Responsibilities

The following is a summary of the four guiding principles of the Acceptable Use Policy (IJNDB):


  • Use proper online etiquette

  • Follow plagiarism, copyright, licensing rules

  • Follow directions for proper technology use and access

  • All illegal activity and cyberbullying is prohibited


  • The District has the right to review all files and activity

  • Do not post or reference personal student information in any electronic communications

  • Content filtering blocks access to certain sites and actions to avoid this protection is prohibited

  • Keep passwords private and only use your assigned computer account


  • Electronic communications are respectful, appropriate and protect personal information

  • School resources are used to seek resources, access libraries, collaborate and engage in learning activities

  • Review and adhere to Social Networking Policy (IJNDD-1)


  • Never share private information about yourself and others

  • Report all issues/concerns to staff


Acceptable Use Form

Applicant Name (Print): ________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Contact Number:  ______________________ (cell) _______________________ (home)

I have read the Shutesbury Elementary School Acceptable Use Policy and agree to use the District’s wireless network access in an appropriate and responsible manner by complying with District policies and all relevant laws and restrictions. I understand that violation of these policies and procedures is unethical and may constitute a criminal offense and that my access privileges may be revoked and disciplinary and/or legal action may be taken.

Signature: _______________________________________

Date: ____________________________

Principal: ________________________________________

Date: _____________________________

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