JLCEA Life Threatening Allergy Policy




Shutesbury School District cannot guarantee that a student will never experience an allergy-related event while at school. The Shutesbury School District is committed to student safety, and therefore, has created this policy to reduce the risk that children will have an allergy related event *

There is an increasing prevalence of life-threatening allergies in school age children. It is the goal of the Shutesbury School District to maintain a safe and secure environment for its students. The following policy is designed to maintain a safe and secure environment for students with life threatening allergies by defining preventative measures and emergency response procedures.

Standards for providing and maintaining a safe and secure environment for students with life-threatening allergies will address the following four areas:

·         A safe environment will be provided at all school locations for students with life-threatening allergies. The Superintendent shall assure that adequate procedures are put in place to monitor and enforce compliance with the policy.

·         Education and training shall be provided to all key personnel to include such things as EpiPen administration, emergency plans and procedures and implementation of a safe environment.

·         Education and awareness training shall be offered to students and parents as necessary.

·         Emergency plans and procedures shall be put in place for responding in a timely manner to emergency situations involving students with life-threatening allergies.

* Procedures will be developed by the school medical staff in conjunction with administration to accompany this policy.

LEGAL REF.: MA Dept. Public Health Reg. 105

CMR 210.000 to include appendix K

CMR 10.000

Reviewed by Shutesbury Policy Committee: 06/15/17

First Reading by Shutesbury School Committee and revisions made: 09/21/17

Second Reading, First Vote by Shutesbury School Committee: 10/19/17

Final Vote by Shutesbury School Committee: 11/16/17