KHC Notice Distribution Policy






The school will distribute information regarding the availability of opportunities or activities for children or adults that are deemed to be of direct interest to the school community.


This information may be reproduced either in printed or electronic format and distributed by the school. Announcements will be distributed only if their sponsor is clearly identified, provides an adequate number of copies and if the school has no financial or significant staff time required  for preparation or duplication of this material. Material distributed must be clearly marked, “not a school sponsored activity”.


Activities and opportunities may not be discriminatory or illegal and must guarantee the protection of civil rights. Distributed materials must be consistent with the mission and values of the school and may not promote a specific religious preference or practice, a political candidate or cause, or be deemed discriminatory regarding race, color, gender, gender identity, age, creed, homelessness, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability. Commercial events shall be allowed if they are community oriented and deemed to be consistent with the approved role of the school as being a community hub for communication (see Advertising Policy – KJ) and community building.


All decisions are ultimately determined by the principal. An individual or organization may appeal a decision to not distribute an announcement or notice to the Superintendent and, failing to gain satisfaction, to the School Committee. A timely and written response to an appeal is required at either level.


ADOPTED:    January 7, 1985


REVISION:    Second reading, first vote 11/15/06

                        Final vote 12/20/06


First Reading and revisions: 11/17/16

Second Reading, First Vote: 12/15/16

Final Vote: 01/19/17