KCB Community Involvement in Decisions


The School Committee endorses the concept that community participation in school affairs is essential for the school and the community to maintain mutual confidence and respect and to work together to improve the quality of education for students. It therefore seeks to understand the desires of the community and to be responsive, through its actions and policies, to those desires.

All residents will be encouraged to express ideas, concerns, and/or questions about the school to the school staff and administration, to any appointed advisory bodies, to the Committee, and through their service as members of advisory bodies.

The School Committee shall encourage residents to assume an active role in school affairs. From time to time, input, advice or recommendations from residents may be sought by staff, administration and/or the Committee.

The Committee believes that, whenever possible, community involvement should be solicited for professional hiring for either the school or the district.

The School Committee shall encourage community involvement and input in a manner that is both manageable for school administration and meaningful and appropriate for the designated process. The Committee, administration and staff will listen and carefully consider the advice and input they receive from individuals and community groups as they use their best judgment in arriving at decisions.


CROSS REF.: BDF, Advisory Committees to the School Committee

First reading: 09-17-08
Second reading, first vote: 10-15-08
Final vote: 11-19-08
Reviewed by Shutesbury Policy Committee:  02-17-22