KBA Goals: School-Parent/Guardian Relations


The Shutesbury School District seeks to foster cooperative and respectful relationships with parents and guardians of students. The Shutesbury School Committee believes that it is preferable to maintain cooperation and understanding between the home and school for the benefit of the students, their families and for the smooth operations of the school and district.

The School Committee recognizes the school administration and staff, and parents/guardians both have responsibilities and common goals related to the success and well-being of students. Parents/guardians are responsible for their individual children; they must see that the student comes to school prepared and ready to learn and is able to meet commonly understood expectations of behavior and performance within the school.

The District is responsible for providing direct educational services to students, as well as maintaining a safe, healthy and caring environment during the time when the student is under the supervision of school personnel.

The School Committee encourages both parent/guardians and representatives of the school and the District to communicate information with each other to best serve the child or enhance the school-home relationship. This may include but is not limited to information regarding matters of student progress and achievement, student development, student behavior, non-academic personal developments at home or school. This communication should involve timely notification of issues, adequate opportunity to share information or exchange perspectives, and reasonable and appropriate access to information. The sharing of information between parents/guardians should occur with the best interests of the child in mind.

When parent/guardian requests for information from the school are made, the principal shall determine if and how to fulfill these requests consistent with existing policy, procedures and law. If necessary, a parent/guardian can make an appeal to the Superintendent.

As an extension of the school-home relationship, the School Committee encourages the administration to welcome and encourage parental/guardian involvement in the school, acknowledging that this participation enriches the overall school environment. Such participation should be encouraged through regular engagement with the school staff, the parent/teacher organization, school volunteer programs, classroom or school-wide activities, consistent with policies and procedures of the school. Other opportunities for participation such as surveys, job searches and parent forums are also encouraged. If necessary, these opportunities may be extended or limited at the discretion of the principal. All parent/s guardians participating in activities directly with students will be required to follow state and district requirements regarding CORI and other pertinent background checks.

SOURCE: MASC, Shutesbury School Committee

Second reading, first vote: 06-21-12
Final Vote: 07-19-12