KA School-Community Relations Goals


The School Committee believes that the Shutesbury Elementary School, as the only publicly funded school in the town, is a community school. As such the school committee believes that the operation and programming of the school should reflect the values and aspirations of the community.

Communication goes in two directions.

Communication Out: The School Committee recognizes that in order for the school to be supported by community residents and town leaders, it is important that the school provide regular and adequate information to help members of the community to understand and participate in the goals and activities of the District. Specifically, residents should be informed through all available channels of communication on the policies, programs, issues, and planning of the District. This communication should be carried out by the School Committee, the superintendent, the principal and others affiliated with the school, as appropriate. The School Committee encourages town residents to access information that is made available by the school.

Communication In: The School Committee and administration of the district should solicit the counsel of town leaders, residents and parents/guardians to gather town and resident perspectives and to consider issues that affect our children. This shall regularly include community participation on the School Council and as appropriate, on search committees for hiring of District personnel. Participation shall also be sought on committees that consider issues that arise from time to time.

The School Committee believes that as a community school, Shutesbury Elementary should, when logistically and financially possible, work with town leaders and community members to provide reasonable access to the building to fulfill its formal role as part of the town infrastructure and its informal role as part of the “fabric of the town.” Use of the school building will be consistent with the school mission statement and the facility use policy.

The School Committee recognizes that the school is supported by residents of Shutesbury through local taxation and is therefore accountable to the town. The School Committee shall demonstrate its respect and understanding for community financial support by seeking to be fiscally prudent and by working in good faith with the Town leadership on financial matters. The School Committee understands it must seek a balance between meeting its primary responsibility of ensuring high quality education for children and appreciating the varying financial situation of the town.

SOURCE: MASC, Shutesbury School Committee

First Reading: 06-21-12
Second Reading, First Vote: 07-19-12
Final Vote: 09-27-12