May 8, 2017 Lesson

Learning Targets:

  1. Review Partner protocol – let’s share the experience
  2. Learn how the touch sensor works
  3. Discuss next week’s final robotics class

 Lesson Sequence:

  1. Teacher-led instruction:  (Paired Programming)


    • Who in your group who has held the “driver” position?
    • Who has been the navigator?

      For today’s lesson, everyone will switch roles.

      Next week is the final robotics class. Each student will have the opportunity to work independently to solve a final challenge. 

  2. Fast forward and begin watching the touch sensor video at 6:25 seconds:

    Three touch states:

    1. Pressed
    2. Released
    3. Bumped 
  3. Build and attach the touch sensor attachment if you have not already done so. The touch sensor is connected to port 1.
  4. Write a program similar to the one demonstrated in the video; experiment with using the touch loop command and touch sensor.
  5. Watch the following video and program your robot to navigate a similar maze.

  6. Two choices: 

Sumo bot challenge. Try this program with and without using the touch sensor. Does the robot utilize enough power to propel the cans forward? Can the touch sensor be used to switch the move forward power to 100% if/when needed?


Go back to last week's lesson and complete Robot Challenge 4 and walk inside the box .