JICJ Possession and Use of Mobile Electronic Signaling Devices at School


The School Committee recognizes that technological developments now make it possible for parents/guardians to be in contact with students using mobile electronic signaling devices. The Committee considers such devices to include but not be limited to cell phones, smart phones, and pagers. The Committee understands electronic messages to include but not limited to text- messages, emails, social media chats, and other technologies that enable the exchange information on a mobile electronic device.

While the School Committee recognizes that parents/guardians may want to use this technology to remain in touch with their children during the school day, the School Committee believes that there must be restricted use and access to mobile electronic communication to maintain the integrity of the educational environment.

Students may possess a mobile electronic signaling device when at school or attending school sponsored activities. However:

All mobile electronic signaling devices must be turned off once the student is inside the school and must remain turned off at all times during school hours. 

All mobile electronic signaling devices must be kept in student backpacks during the school day.

The only time that students may have the devices turned on or may use them is before school and after school. Devices may not be used during school-sponsored activities such as the afterschool program.

Mobile electronic signaling devices may be used on the school bus consistent with behavior outlined in the school bus policy. At no time on the bus are the camera or video functions allowed.

Should a student have a mobile electronic signaling device on during the school day, the device shall be confiscated by a staff member; the student may pick up the device at the end of the day in order to bring it home. A second infraction shall result in the signaling device being confiscated and given to the Principal; the parent/guardian will be required to speak with the Principal (in person or on the phone at the discretion of the Principal) in order to retrieve the device. A third infraction shall result in the device being confiscated, the parent being required to meet with the Principal in person and depending upon the nature of the infraction, further disciplinary action which may include revoking the student’s right to bring the device to school for a specified amount of time.

This policy also pertains to students using a mobile electronic signaling device for purposes other than sending or receiving messages, such playing games. At no time may these devices be used for taking photographs or recording videos. Exceptions may be made if granted by a staff member for educational or logistical purposes.

If at any time a parent/guardian needs to contact a student during school hours, they are encouraged to contact the School Office or the teacher by phone/email. If a student needs to contact a parent/guardian, he/she should consult with a teacher to get permission to use the office phone.

The school is not responsible for lost or stolen mobile electronic signaling devices.

First Reading: 06-21-12
Second Reading, First Vote: 07-19-12
Final Vote: 09-27-12