JI Student Rights and Responsibilities


The students of Shutesbury Elementary School have the rights afforded them by the federal and state constitutions and statutes, including MGL Chapter 71, Section 82. In connection with rights, there are corresponding responsibilities that must be assumed by students.

The students of Shutesbury Elementary School have the among their rights the following:

1. The right to a free, appropriate education as required by law and consistent with the school’s mission statement;

2. The right to equal educational opportunity and freedom from discrimination and harassment;

3. The right to due process of law with respect to disciplinary measures;
4. The right to free inquiry and expression;
5. The right to a safe and healthy school environment;

1. To refrain from infringing the civil rights of other students;
2. To observe school rules essential for permitting others to learn at school;
3. To attend school regularly and on time;
4. To participate in school activities to the best of one’s ability;
5. To contribute to the safety and health of the school environment;

It is the School Committee's belief that as part of the educational process students should be made aware of their rights as listed above. In regards to school rules and discipline, students have the right to know the standards of behavior that are expected of them, and the consequences of non-compliance. Students also have the right to know procedures for appeals.

The rights and responsibilities of students, including standards of conduct and relevant policies and procedures, will be made available to students and their parents/guardians through the annual family handbook and as practical, through other means such as the school website, classroom discussion or materials.


LEGAL REFS.: M.G.L. 71:37H; 71:82 through 71:86

MGL Chpt 71, Sec. 82, paragraph 1 The right of students to freedom of expression in the public schools of the commonwealth shall not be abridged, provided that such right shall not cause any disruption or disorder within the school. Freedom of expression shall include without limitation, the rights and responsibilities of students, collectively and individually, (a) to express their views through speech and symbols, (b) to write, publish and disseminate their views, (c) to assemble peaceably on school property for the purpose of expressing their opinions. Any assembly planned by students during regularly scheduled school hours shall be held only at a time and place approved in advance by the school principal or his designee.

Second Read, First Vote: 10/15/09
Final vote: 11/19/09