IJOA Field Trip Policy



Reference: SES Field Trips

The School Committee believes that a well-rounded education includes many diverse and engaging experiences, including events that take place outside of the school building. Therefore, we support the idea of students leaving the building and going on field trips that broaden their educational experience and increase their bank of knowledge and understanding about the world around us. Trips offer students opportunities to learn through direct experience, or observation, of a specific topic or event.  They are an important link connecting the school with the community.  Integrating trips into the curriculum enrich and extend the educational learning for all involved. Planning and evaluating Field Trips are critical to their value and success.  The school administration and teachers should create and maintain Working Guidelines that demonstrate the value of these educational experiences.

A.                 All field trips must be approved in advance by school administration, preferably at least two weeks before the field trip.

B.                 The method for transporting students is in a school bus or coach.

C.                 Parent/guardians of all student participants must sign a permission slip to allow their child to leave school grounds.

D.                 Chaperones should be chosen thoughtfully.  They must have the necessary skills to protect students and assist them with their activities. Chaperones shall be prepared prior to the trip by the teacher responsible in order to maximize student engagement and safety. The responsibilities of chaperones must be clearly delineated. All chaperones must be approved by the principal based on the information obtained on the CORI check.

E.                  The School Committee should be informed of all out-of-state field trips or trips that travel distances of more than 100 miles.

Amended and FINAL: 02-11-14