IHBG-R Home Education of Students




1.  Requirements for approval of home instruction will include:

a.  The parent or legal guardian must request permission to hold home instruction on an annual basis.

b.  A home instruction application form will be provided to the parents or legal guardian.  This form must be completed and returned to the Superintendent before approval may be granted.

c.  The Committee delegates the approval of home instruction to the Superintendent.  Any approval or rejection of an application by the Superintendent is subject to review by the Committee.

2.  Children in home instruction may, at the discretion of administration, participate in school programs or specialized classes.

3.  Parents or a legal guardian in charge of home instruction should make provision for regular testing or use of other indicators of student progress such as standardized achievement tests.  As an alternative to home testing and at the request of those in charge of the home instruction, the School District will make provision for inclusion of home-taught children in the annual achievement test battery, which is usually administered in February or March of each school year.  The home instruction summary form must include either a summary of home testing results for each required subject for each child or the results of the achievement test that is administered through the School District.

4.  Auditing functions of the Committee for the home instruction will include:

a.  The Committee at any time may request a review by the Superintendent of the attendance rolls, records of test scores or other achievement indicators in each required subject for any child in home instruction.

b.  The Committee may request at any time that the Superintendent review the instructional materials and methods used by the person(s) responsible for the home instruction.

c.  The Superintendent will prepare for the Committee an annual summary of the children included in home instruction This report will also summarize, in general, the appropriateness or possible deficiencies of home education situations.

5.  Within one week of the ending date of the home instruction, as indicated on the home instruction application form, the School District will mail the parents or legal guardian a home instruction summary form.  The completed form should be returned to the School District within 30 days.  This summary form must be returned to the School District office before annual approval of home instruction can be made for any succeeding years.

6.  The Committee will act in a responsible, cooperative manner to ensure that all children in the School District receive competent, adequate instruction.  This concern includes children in home education.  If the Committee determines that a home instruction situation is inadequate, a conference between the parents or legal guardian and the Superintendent will be scheduled to find mutually acceptable ways to correct any deficiency.

7.  If deficiencies in a home education situation are not corrected or the proper annual application or summary is not completed by the parents or legal guardian, an appropriate referral will be made.


Edited and approved by Shutesbury Policy Committee: 02/16/17

First Reading: Shutesbury School Committee 03/16/17

Second Reading, First Vote by Shutesbury School Committee: 04/24/17

Final Vote by Shutesbury School Committee: 05/18/17