IHAE Physical Education


The School Committee shall provide every student with an opportunity for wholesome and enriched educational experiences. It is the Committee's belief that a comprehensive and varied physical education program is a necessary component of the School’s educational program.

The School Committee believes that the physical education program should:

1. Help students appreciate the importance of physical fitness to good health through active participation in team sports, exercise, movement-oriented activities/approaches and other healthy activities.

2. Enhance the social curriculum goals of the school through teamwork, cooperation and personal achievement.

3. Provide needed opportunities for the physical release of energy.

4. Enhance the academic curriculum by integrating academic learning into movement and play.

5. Impress upon students the importance of integrating one's mind, body and attitude in preparing to face the obligations of a complex society.

The physical education program, in addition to recess play, shall be an essential component of the school’s overall educational programming. Based on the Massachusetts Frameworks for Physical Activity and Fitness, all students of Shutesbury Elementary School shall have no less than 2 sessions of physical education per week.
The School Committee believes that additional sessions are preferable.

Consistent with the School Committee’s commitment to physical education, it is recommended that whenever possible, classroom activities integrate a multi-sensory approach involving the use of kinesthetic activities. When school is in session for a full day, children shall be provided daily recess, preferably outdoors, weather permitting.

Students may be excused from participating in specific physical education classes in accordance with written policies established by the Principal and included in the annual Family Handbook. These may include but are not limited to temporary illness or physical impairment.

LEGAL REFS.: M.G.L. 71:1; 71:3 Board of Education Regulations Pertaining to Physical Education, adopted 4/25/78, effective 9/1/78 603 CMR 26:05

Second reading, first vote: 12-19-07
Final vote: 01-16-08