HA Goals for Negotiations

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The School Committee recognizes that education is a public trust; it therefore is dedicated to providing the best possible educational leadership, teaching and support staff to help students and the school be successful. Because the District is funded by the public, there is also a need to balance quality with economically sound decisions regarding negotiations. In negotia­tions, this objective may be best attained if there if there is a climate of mutual trust and understanding between the negotiating parties.

The School Committee shall establish clear procedures that provide an or­derly method for the School Committee and representatives of the District’s staff to discuss matters of common concern.

It is understood that nothing in negotiations will compro­mise the School Committee's legal responsibilities or existing policies, nor will any em­ployee's statutory rights and privileges be impaired.



First reading: 06-20-07
Second reading, first vote: 07-11-07
Final vote: 08-15-07
Reviewed by Shutesbury Policy Committee:  10-21-21