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In order to assist resident families with children in the Shutesbury Elementary Pre-School program, the School Committee allows for limited school-sponsored transportation of pre-school children. Unless a written request is made and written approval granted, it shall be presumed that transportation for Pre-School students is not provided by the school.

Transportation services may be extended to families based on eligibility determined by guidelines developed by the administration and approved by the School Committee. Availability to transportation for Pre-School students will be approved by the Principal, on a case by case basis. Typically, approval will be granted for situations in which children could not attend school otherwise.

All Pre-School children being transported on school-owned or contracted vehicles to attend Shutesbury Elementary:

  • Are allowed on space available basis
  • Are allowed to ride on a traditional bus (aka “yellow bus”) as well as a van
  • Must be at least four years of age
  • Must have signed written consent of the Principal and the parent/guardian

Receiving such transportation services is contingent upon appropriate behavior of the student and family circumstances, among other factors.

Shutesbury Elementary is not responsible for mid-day pickups of Pre-School students or other program-related transportation of Pre-Schoolers that would incur costs to the district beyond those required for transporting students in grades K-6. Pick up and drop off locations need to correspond with existing bus routes. An adult must be present for pick up and drop off.

SOURCE:       Shutesbury School Committee

First reading: 06-17-10
Second reading, first vote: 07-19-10
Final vote: 07-19-10
Reviewed by Shutesbury Policy Committee:  02-17-22