March 6, 2017 Lesson

Learning Targets:

  1. Learn (review) how to navigate buttons on the NXT brick.
  2. Learn how to use the NXT software. Write and test your first program.
  3. Explore and practice using the “sound block” 
  4. Extra credit: Write a second program but instead of using a sound file, try coding a sequence of  “tones” to play a tune. (Hint: on the configuration panel of the sound block click Action = tone.

Lesson Steps:

​Log into your computer using Video ID

  1. Watch “More about the NXT brick” video: (8 min)


  2. Watch the following video and write your first program: (10 min)


  3. Go to:

    Finder – Applications – LEGO MINDSTORMS Edu NXT – MINDSTORMS NXT

  4. Write the "Good Morning" program; download it to the robot and test it. When done, share your working program with a teacher before going onto the next step.  (10 min)


  5. Extra credit: Start a new program and use several sound blocks to play a song. Instead of using a “sound file” select “tone” and create a song using different notes. Download the program to your robot and test it. (You can be creative and use a combination of sound files and tones.)                        (10 min) 

    Share your working program with a teacher for extra credit.

    If time allows:

  6. Watch the following video (5 min) on using the Sound and Display Block:


  7. Create a third program to practice writing the “sleepy night” program and test it 

    (10 min)


  8. Students gather together in the reading corner and demonstrate work. Share reflections. (Did your program work the way you expected? If not, why not?)


  9. Collect materials and package up robot boxes, turn off robot, gather USB cables and folder materials.