KCDA Public Gifts to the School District

Policy KCDA:


Gifts made for General and/or Specific Purposes


The Superintendent will have authority to accept gifts and offers of equipment for the schools in the name of the Committee when the gift is of educational value. 


Gifts will automatically become the property of the school system. Any gift of cash, whether or not intended by the donor for a specific purpose, will be handled as a separate account and expended at the discretion of the Committee, as provided by law.


In the case of gifts from industry, business, or special interest groups, no extensive advertising or promotion may be involved in any donation to the schools. The School Committee reserves the right to define what is extensive advertising (see #5 below).


Gifts that would involve changes in school plants or sites will be subject to School Committee approval.


The School Committee reserves the right to review and reject any gift when it deems acceptance to be inappropriate. Reasons for rejection may include but are not limited to:


1.      The gift will require special supplies or maintenance, or entail other significant costs that are not covered by the gift. Such gifts may be subject to acceptance on the condition that sufficient additional funds will accompany the gift to cover such additional costs or maintenance for any period designated by the School Committee;

2.      The gift is incompatible with existing or planned curriculum, programs, facilities, or equipment, or with School Committee policy or mission statement;

3.      The gift may offer a disproportionate advantage in educational opportunity to a specific classroom, school or segment of the school population;

4.      The gift is construed by the School Committee as compromising the educational integrity of the district schools;

5.      The gift would involve unreasonable acknowledgment of or advertising by the donor. The school committee shall be the sole body to determine if advertising or promotion is too extensive.


The Committee shall direct either the Chair or the Superintendent to communicate appropriate expressions of thanks to all donors.




MGL44:53A , 71:37A

First Reading: 10-17-13

Second Reading, First Vote: 11-21-13

Final Vote: 01-16-14