March 20, 2017 Lesson

Learning Targets:

  1. Learn to program the NXT to turn a specified number of degrees.
  2. Write a comprehensive program that encompasses move, display and sound blocks.

Lesson Steps:

  1. Calculate the number of degrees needed to turn the robot a specified angle.

    Use the Movement Challenge 2 worksheet to guide your thinking and record your findings.

  2. Program your robot to complete Robot Project 2 Assignment.  Please note: this assignment has 2 pages!
  3. When complete show a teacher.
  4. Go back to previous the week’s lesson and complete any extra credit assignments.
  5. Students gather together in the reading corner and demonstrate work. Share reflections.
    • Did your program work the way you expected? If not, why not?)
  6. Collect materials and package up robot boxes, turn off robot, gather USB cables and folder materials