March 13, 2017 Lesson

Learning Targets:

  1. Review using the sound block.
  2. Learn to use the display block.
  3. Explore the move block.

Supplies needed:

  • Yard sticks for each team
  • Lego tower
  • Lego person
  • Container with index card challenges of: 25 cm, 50 cm, 75 cm or 100 cm


Lesson Sequence:

  1. If desired, spend a few minutes finishing up the extra credit assignment from last week.  (7 min) Share with a teacher when complete for extra credit.


  2. Watch the following video on using the display and sound blocks (5 min):



  3. Create the “sleepy night” program and test it  (5 min)


  4. Click here to view the Robot Project 1 Assignment. Complete the program and share it with a teacher before moving onto the next step. (10 min)


  5. Extra credit: Can you draw a Mickey Mouse silhouette using display blocks?

    Hint: Explore the Action: Drawing  and Type: Circle. For further information click “more help” to the right of the configuration panel.  When complete share with a teacher.


  6. For help with this challenge, view:

  7.  At 2:30pm the class will regroup to discuss the Movement Challenge.
  8. Click here to view the Movement Challenge #1 instructions.  (20 min)


  9. Students gather together in the reading corner and demonstrate work. Share reflections.
    • Did your program work the way you expected? If not, why not?)


  10. Collect materials and package up robot boxes, turn off robot, gather USB cables and folder materials.