April 24, 2017 Lesson

Learning targets: 
- Review steps for "tracing through a program" (debugging)
- Complete Light Sensor Challenges 1 & 2

A.  As a class we will review videos from last two classes.

B.  When tracing through an NXT program, notice:

  1. Commands are execute from left to right
  2. All loops are executed at least once
  3. Loop conditions are checked at the end of the loop.

    If the condition is met, the program says “go away”.

    If the condition is not met, the program says “do it again”.

  4. Switch blocks act like a “fork in the road”. It determines which path to take based on the current situation.

      5. Wait blocks – the program will wait until your robot senses a certain condition before it continues.

C. Go back to April 10th lesson and complete Light Sensor Challenges 1 & 2. When done, check in with a teacher.