DK Payment Procudures

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All claims for payment from school department funds will be processed in accordance with procedures developed by the Superintendent. Payment will be authorized against invoices properly supported by approved purchase orders, with properly submitted vouchers, or in accordance with salaries and salary schedules approved by the School Committee.

The Superintendent will be responsible for assuring that the budget allocations are observed and that total expenditures do not exceed the amount allocated in the budget for all items.

The Committee will receive monthly lists of bills (warrants) for payment from school department funds. The Committee will designate by vote a single member to be responsible for the review and approval of the warrants as correct and approved for payment. Warrants then will be forwarded to the municipal auditor for processing and subsequent payment by the municipal treasurer. A record of this action will be made available to the Committee on the agenda of the next regular meeting.

Actual invoices, statements, and vouchers will be available for inspection by the School Committee upon request.

SOURCE: MASC Updated 2022

LEGAL REF.: M.G.L. 41:4141:5241:56

CROSS REF: DGA, Authorized Signatures

NOTE: Specific details established by an individual town should be substituted for those required in the policy above, which were established by that city's code of ordinances. Appropriate citations should also be substituted.

The above language implements a single signatory of district warrants. It should be altered according to district practice.

Reviewed and Edited by Shutesbury Policy Committee: 01-26-23

First Reading by Shutebury School Committee: 02-16-23

Second Reading, First Vote by Shutesbury School Committee: 03-16-23

Final Vote by Shutesbury School Committee: 04-13-23