BGE Policy Dissemination


The School Committee shall direct the Superintendent to establish and maintain an orderly plan for preserving and making accessible the policies adopted by the Committee and the regulations needed to put them into effect.

It is the goal of the School Committee to make these policies accessible to all employees of the school system, to members of the Committee, and, insofar as practical, to all persons in the community, especially parents, guardians and students.

Policies must be on file at the school, in the town library and in the Superintendent’s office. These will be updated annually and shall be available for review upon request. Notice of these locations shall be made in the annual Family/Student Handbook.
Regulations shared with staff, students or the community shall reference the appropriate policy and identify the location where policies may be reviewed when practical.

Electronic versions may be available on the school website. At a minimum, a statement identifying where a hardcopy of policies may be found and the process for requesting them must be posted on the school website.

All policy manuals distributed to anyone will remain the property of the Committee and will be considered as "on loan" to anyone, or any organization, in whose possession they might be at any time. They are subject to recall at any time deemed necessary for purposes of updating.

The Superintendent shall maintain the master copy of the policy manual as a public record.

The School Committee shall publish a notice in the school newsletter of all policies as they are adopted or revised.


First reading: 02-28-07
Second reading, first vote: 03-21-07
Final vote: 04-25-07