BGB-1 Policy Sub-Committee and Procedures


Shutesbury School Committee policies #BG and #BGB, state that adoption of new policies or changing existing policies is solely the responsibility of the School Committee.

In order to provide a consistent process to develop and review policies, there shall be a Policy Sub-committee of the Shutesbury School committee. The sub-committee shall have the following mandate:

1. Discuss policy-related issues to be considered by the full Committee.

2. Develop a proposed draft of each policy to be considered by the full committee.

Policies will be considered by the sub-committee for ultimate consideration by the full committee as a result of either:

Identification by the subcommittee itself; or
Request from members of the school committee and/or district administrators followed 
by a majority vote of committee
The sub-committee will prioritize issues and policies and determine a schedule for policy adoption with input/guidance from the committee.

The sub-committee shall consist of no more than two school committee members (less than a quorum). Recommendations to move a draft policy to the full committee for consideration will be made by the affirmative vote of the school committee members on the sub-committee.

SOURCE: MGL Ch.71 Sec. 37.; MASC; Shutesbury School Committee practice.

Second reading, first vote: 06-17-10
Final vote: 07-19-10