BDD School Committee-Superintendent Relationship


The Committee will leave to the Superintendent all matters of decision and administration that come within their scope as executive officer or as professional leader of the school system.  While the Committee reserves to itself the ultimate decision of all matters concerning general policy or expenditures of funds, it will normally proceed in these areas after receiving recommendations from its executive officer.  Further:

1.  The Superintendent may seek guidance from the Committee with respect to matters of operation whenever appropriate. If it is necessary to make exceptions to an established policy, they will submit the matter to the Committee for advice and direction.

2.  The Superintendent will assist the Committee in reaching sound judgments and establishing policies, and will place before the Committee all relevant facts, information, and reports necessary to keep the Committee adequately informed of situations or business at hand.

SOURCE:  MASC July 2016

CROSS REF.: CB, District Superintendent of Schools

M.G.L. 71:59; Ch. 71:63; Ch. 71 59B

Shutesbury Policy Committee: 10/19/17

First Reading – Shutesbury School Committee: 11/16/17

Second Reading, First Vote: 12/20/17

Final Vote by Shutesbury School Committee: 01/18/18