JCA-1 Student of Non-Resident Employees

Shutesbury Elementary School Students of Non-Resident Employees

Children of staff employed as .5 FTE or more by the Shutesbury School District but who do not live in Shutesbury may attend Shutesbury School. Enrollment will be approved on a case-by-case basis by the School Committee. School-aged children may be eligible to attend on a tuition-free basis; for children participating in tuition-based programs such as Preschool and Afterschool, parents are expected to pay tuition.

A written request must be submitted to the Superintendent by the staff person to initiate the enrollment process. A written response shall be provided to the staff person by the Superintendent within a reasonable time following a School Committee decision.

Approval will be based on the following factors:
There is adequate space available in the classroom
The enrollment of the student will not have an adverse impact on class size or

class/school operations

In making a determination, the Shutesbury School Committee shall fully respect and comply with all rules and with the intent of federal and state non-discrimination laws.

A staff person requesting enrollment of his/her child is not required to be employed by the Shutesbury School District for any minimum duration prior to applying for student enrollment. However, if an employee has worked in Shutesbury School District for less than three months and then ceases to be employed by the District, the student is considered a non-resident and will enrollment will be terminated. If the employee ceases to be employed by the District after more than three months of employment, the student’s enrollment will be terminated at the end of the current school year.

Approval of a student’s enrollment does not necessarily extend to siblings. Each placement will be determined individually.

If approved by the School Committee, the parent/guardian will be responsible for providing transportation to and from school.

If approved, the student may continue enrollment through all grades offered within the Shutesbury School District. Enrollment does not extend to educational systems not under the supervision of the Shutesbury School District, where Shutesbury residency requirements are necessary.

First reading 10-21-10
Second reading, first vote: 11-18-10
Final Vote: 12-16-10