Teachers at Work
There are multiple opportunities for Shutesbury teachers to think about their

mathematics practice.  We work together across grade levels, during staff meetings,

approximately once a month, to investigate the mathematics we teach.  We do math

tasks together, look at student work, and think with colleagues about how to

provide access and challenge for all students.  

Lauren, Jen, Jan, and April puzzling over a problem together

Whole staff working on math

Besides regular staff development on campus, Shutesbury teachers have been a part of a

larger network of professionals trying to improve the teaching and learning of

mathematics.  Since 2011, we have been a part of the
Western Massachusetts

Mathematics Partnership, or WMMP, a network of eight K-12 schools and ten

institutions of higher education working collaboratively to strengthen our ability to

teach the Common Core Standards of Mathematical Content and Practices.  In the

spring of 2014 I co-facilitated a Professional Learning Community with my mentor and

colleague, Deborah Schifter, Principal Research Scientist at EDC based in Waltham

MA.  The focus was on algebraic reasoning; we explored the behavior of the operations

beginning as early as kindergarten, extending into college.  Our group of 25 teachers

ranged from 1st grade to college mathematics professors – by having teachers who span

these levels working together, we could examine as a group how the concepts develop. 

Five teachers from Shutesbury joined the WMMP PLC!  There was an article written

about our group in the Gazette on June 11th 2014.

Deborah Schifter leading a discussion

Here is Andrea Darby, one of the Shutesbury teachers, working with a

retired mathematics professor from Mount Holyoke College, Harriet Pollatsek.

Andrea Darby working with Harriet