Parent Education
Polly pointing out student thinking

We have lots of opportunities to learn from, and with, parents.  Each year we offer either

morning or evening events for parents, guardians and other interested community

members to come together to learn more about the mathematics their children are doing.

It's a chance to see the curriculum we use, the researched-based pedagogy we employ

and to offer ideas about how to best support mathematics learning at home.    

Parents and principal working on math  

To understand better how math games support learning, parents play them for

themselves.  This provides insights into both the mathematics and into what it means to

be a learner.

Kathy Dewey, Essential Skills teacher, works with parents

A small committee of parents have worked along side me to help plan and coordinate

each event.  As parents learn more, they become increasingly interested in the process of

learning and how engaging mathematics can be compared to when they were in school.  

Sometimes, even, parents meet with me ahead of time, discuss current issues in the field

and then facilitate sessions for other parents.  

Andrew Webster, parent, leading a session