JLCG Head Lice Policy



Efforts to address outbreaks of head lice should minimize disruption to school activities and absences by students. Efforts to inform and educate children and families about head lice shall occur in a manner that is matter of fact and does not cause shame or embarrassment.

All suspected cases of head lice shall be checked by the school nurse. If evidence of head lice is found on a student, the principal, in consultation with the school nurse, may arrange for general examinations of children’s heads to seek out affected students. Protocols may be adopted that allow for selective inspections of higher risk children (siblings, friends, classmates, bus-mates) or general school inspections. Additional measures may be taken with the approval of the principal in the event of a widespread infestation.

If a child’s head is inspected, the parent/guardian must be notified by the school. If procedures are recommended for home, such as applying anti-lice shampoo, the parent/guardian shall be notified, preferably in person or by phone. Notification shall occur as soon as reasonably practical. The school nurse may send a letter home to the parents/guardians of all students in the classroom where lice were found encouraging them to check their children and to contact their child’s health care provider for treatment options.

Parents/ guardians may be asked to keep their children home from school for the day following discovery of an infestation only if necessary to complete the process for eradicating the lice. Once treated, child may return to school; however, until the school nurse determines that the child is no longer infested, the child may not ride on the school bus to or from school. Upon return to school, the student must be examined by the school nurse (or others deemed qualified by the principal) before entering class. The school nurse, in consultation with the principal, shall take further action as needed.

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First reading: 01-16-08
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