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Dear Moose,

We completed a whole week of school! The weather was milder and with it came the mud and puddles! Please continue sending students to school with boots. It helps with the mud/water factor!

Children's author/illustrator Jeff Mack came to present to students on Monday. He shared his books, ideas, and writing process with us. Students also got a special drawing lesson!

Report cards are going home with children today. Family conferences will take place at the end of March/early April. If you have questions or concerns around your student's progress, please reach out to your child's teacher.

The recent horrific and tragic event at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida is on all of our minds. I want to assure families that my primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of the students and adults within the building each day. I take this responsibility incredibly seriously. We have detailed plans for emergencies and practice these plans with the assistance of State Police and local safety officials multiple times a year. Our school is continually meeting with and working with safety officials to update safety practices to be the most up to date and effective. If you have questions regarding some of our safety practices I am more than happy to talk with you. There are a lot of political things that can be said regarding the latest shooting in Florida. Lots of emotions, from rage to deep sadness, can be felt by many. What I know now is that I am keeping the community, victims and families of the victims in mind. I am also figuring out how I can work/help to ensure children and teachers can attend school without fear of an act of violence occurring.


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Shutesbury Elementary School (SES) serves elementary age children in the town of Shutesbury. As the only school in town, SES is the focal point for accommodating 134 children from Preschool to Grade 6.

SES is a dynamic learning community. Its mission is to lay foundations in the many critical areas of our children's education. We strive to nurture each child's curiosity, growth, and development, and to foster a lifelong love of learning.


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